Take-up machine

the pay-off frame is to make the raw material unpowered (passively discharged), and the thick wire (Ø8mm) or more usually adopts the "one" type pay-off frame. the advantage is that the pay-off does not stop and the operating height is relatively low. the center line (≤6.5mm) is recommended to use hydraulic high rack wire pay off. the advantage is that it saves the space, does not stop the line, and has very few wires when the height reaches 9 meters or more. but for this diameter of high carbon steel wire, the duckbill type is placed. although the use of the wire rack is relatively large, the effect is also ok. filaments are generally used with upper draw-off reels, especially for annealed filaments, special equipment must be used to ensure less chaos. the spooling of the spool is the best way, but it cannot be used all because of the limitations of its use.

thick wire take-up machine

large puller

large pull simple wire laying machine

large diameter wire pay off

large diameter wire laying machine

hydraulic high rack wire pay off

middle puller

fine drawing high speed pay-off machine

fine drawing i-shaped wheel pay-off machine

pulling and pulling machine

middle pull wire take-up machine

medium wire laying machine

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