Aluminum welding wire production process

1. rough drawing: wire pay offlz5/700stright wire drawing machinei-shaped wheel take-up machine
2. Fine drawing:
wire pay offwet wire drawing machinetension standi-shaped wheel take-up machine
4. peeling: active releasetension standtractorpeeling machinebelt cleaneri-shaped wheel take-up machine
5. layer winding machine:
active take-up machinetension standi-shaped wheel winding machine


aluminum wire stripping production line introduction

first, the function and composition of the stripping production line:

this set of equipment is used to remove the dirt and defects on the surface of the welding wire. the composition of the single set of equipment is shown in the following table:

serial number






800 pay-off machine



active take-off, pneumatic top


320 tension machine



pneumatic control tension


400 tractor



split line tractor


500 peeling machine



500 double-sided rubber roller


belt cleaner



double head cleaning, plc, touch screen


800 wire take-up machine



active take-up, pneumatic top


electrical control cabinet



plc, touch screen, frequency control


rewinding machine



winding machine supporting equipment



second, equipment technical parameters:

serial number





the design speed is 6 m/s and the normal operation is 2 to 5 m/s.


adapt to specifications

Φ1.0~2.0mm, pure aluminum, aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-silicon welding wire, material tensile strength ≤300mpa.


mold dimensions

outer diameter 40, thickness 25mm (see photo for details)


retracting line

800 wheel


installed power


third, the equipment description:
1, 800 pay-off machine:
[1], adopting active pay-off technology, constant tension pay-off, frequency control, and 7.5kw of pay-off motor.
[2], pneumatic top-loading type wheel, pneumatic brake mechanism, and configuration of pressure-loss protection device.
[3], the fuselage adopts frame structure, the overall boring processing, work stability and rigidity.

2, 320 tension machine:
it adopts high-quality mc nylon, the outer diameter of the guide wheel is 320mm, and the upper and lower two are arranged. the equipment is equipped with displacement detection switch, pneumatically controlled constant tension and adjustable tension.

3, 400 tractor:
[1], the equipment adopts a horizontal structure for easy operation. the diameter of the roller is 400mm, the working surface is sprayed with wc, hrc≥58, and the surface is polished.
[2], the equipment adopts frequency conversion speed control, and the motor power is 5.5kw.
[3], tilted mold box design, both horizontal and angular directions can be flexibly adjusted. the mold box is manually added with lubricating oil.

4, peeling machine:
[1], the overall steel trough structure, the integral stripping tool holder, which is stripped by two stripping methods to effectively remove the oil stain on the surface of the welding wire.
[2], the traction roller diameter is 500mm, it is made of wear-resistant rubber material, it is used on both sides, the life is doubled, and it is matched with nylon splitter. the equipment adopts frequency conversion speed control and drag, the motor power is 7.5kw, and the foot jog switch is set to facilitate threading.
[3], the equipment is equipped with three sets of circulation system, one set of peeling tools is used for circulating cooling, two sets are used for lubrication of the drawing oil circulation, and the circulation system is equipped with a circulation pump and a lower box.

5, belt cleaning machine:
[1], the equipment adopts double-head structure, the first head adopts wet scrubbing method, equipped with liquid supply tank and micro pump, and the second head adopts dry scrubbing method.
[2], each configuration of the tape and take-up system, can be started, stopped, and work alone.
[3], plc control mode control, touch screen control mode, can flexibly adjust the parameters such as belt speed and liquid volume according to needs.

6, 800 wire take-up machine:
[1], adopt active take-up technology, constant tension release, frequency control, motor power 5.5kw.
[2], pneumatic top-loading type wheel, pneumatic brake mechanism, and configuration of pressure-loss protection device.
[3], the fuselage adopts frame structure, the overall boring processing, work stability and rigidity.
[4], using gp50 light bar cable arranging device, can flexibly adjust the width, stroke and pitch of the cable.

7. electrical control system:
[1], this set of equipment uses plc to control a full set of equipment, frequency control, touch screen control and display operating parameters.
[2], the equipment has: start, stop, linkage, joint stop and other functions, matching the disconnected parking device.
[3], the complete set of equipment and other electrical appliances use a centralized cabinet installation mode, easy to repair and technical management.

8, security protection:
[1], each device is equipped with a safety protection door, which is closed and locked or latched during operation to prevent accidental damage during work;
[2], the equipment is equipped with a gas pressure detection switch. when the compressed air pressure is too low, the equipment alarms and stops working to avoid accidental damage.
[3], the equipment pay-off machine, wire take-up machine and peeling machine are equipped with emergency stop switch, which is convenient for the equipment to be stopped at any time before, during and after the accident.

9, rewinding machine:
this equipment is used to take out the cleaning tape on the market and wind it onto the plastic tray for use on the belt washer.
the rewinding machine adopts a one-way motor to drive the winding, which can manually control the speed and strength of the winding speed. it is equipped with a cable arranging device to evenly wind the tape onto the plastic disc (ie 270 or 300 plastic disc). the cable pitch and stroke are flexible and adjustable.

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