Centralized copper plating wire production process

pre-processing rough drawing:wire pay offmechanical peeling → cold water rinse →electrolytic picklingboron coateddryinglz6/560stright drawing linesg800i-shaped wheel take-up machine
fine pull:fx800 i-shaped wheel pay-off machinelz8/400 stright drawing linetension standwash tanksg630i-shaped wheel take-up line
3:fx630 take-up machineself-adjusting constant tension pay-off → steel wire turning roller → hot scrub → electrolytic alkali washing tank → neutralization and washing after alkali → electrolytic pickling tank → washing activation tank → coating tank → cold water wash → hot water wash → electric heating drying → bogie → tractor → sg630i-shaped wheel take-up machine 4:sg630i-shaped wheel pay-off machinetension stand layer winding machine (winding the wire into 15kg or 20kg per plate)
5:bs4525heat shrink packaging machine for packaging and storage

co2 gas shielded welding wire production process

chinese standard gb / t: er50-6

aws american standard: er70s-6
















raw material er50-6 wire plate, diameter of steel wire: Ф5.5mm

production line process:

no1 pre-treatment and rough drawing line

wire pre-treatment (including pay-off rack + chaotic parking device + mechanical peeling and water cleaning + electrolytic pickling and water cleaning + high-frequency drying) + lz6/500 stright drawing line + sg800 spooling machine ( or trunk type wire take up machineing machine)

no2 fine drawing production line

fx800 spool wheel take-up machine (or rotary take-up rack) + lz8/400 (or lz7/400) stright drawing line + tension stand + cleaning tank + sg630 spooler

no3 electroless copper plating production line

fx630 pay-off machine + self-adjusting constant tension take-up frame + steel wire turning roller + hot scrub + electrolytic alkaline washing tank + alkali after neutralization washing + electrolytic pickling tank + cleaning activation tank + coating tank + washing + neutralization wash + hot water wash + electric heating drying + bogie + traction roll polishing machine + sg630 i-shaped wire take-up machine

no4 layer winding packaging production line

sg630 spool wheel take-up machine + tension stand + layer winding machine

no5 s4525 heat shrink packaging machine for packaging and storage

gas shielded welding wire production equipment parameters

1. wire surface pretreatment equipment

1.1 overhead wire pay off: put one wire rod on each pay-off frame, no power

1.2 straight line automatic parking switch: when the steel wire comes out from the pay-off frame, it passes through a steel ring with a diameter of 200mm. if the steel wire is entangled several times, the steel ring is carried to the other side, and the travel switch gives a signal. emergency stop

1.3 repeated bending mechanical peeling and steel ball strong scrubbing device: the wire rod is bent and heat treated at least in six directions perpendicular to each other to peel off the scale of the wire surface. 8 stripping wheel materials: zg45 steel, hardness up to hrc50, inner diameter of the working surface of the shelling wheel Ф115-120mm. the life of the shelling wheel is more than 10,000 hours. after the shell is peeled off, the wire passes through a plurality of tapered holes, and the wire cleaning surface is used to strongly wipe the surface of the wire without damaging the surface of the wire, reducing the garbage brought into the electrolytic pickling tank, ensuring the pickling effect to facilitate drawing; and simultaneously rinsing with pressure cold water the rust block and impurities on the surface of the wire are provided with a high-pressure air blowing device at the outlet to reduce the water being taken out by the steel wire.

2.4 electrolytic pickling device: the tank body adopts water-sealed structure, and there is no acid gas leakage during operation. the residual acid scale and rust on the surface of the wire are completely removed by electrolytic pickling process, and washing and dried to ensure the wire enters the coating. the surface of the boron process is clean. pp (thickness 16mm) trough body, length 10m, upper and lower trough structure, positive and negative plates (lead plate thickness 10mm) isolated from the upper trough, rectifier cabinet 0~1000a, 0~12v; acid circulating pump and there are two acid mist exhaust ports for customers to install the acid mist processor.

2.5 boron-coated device: the tank body adopts water-sealed structure, and there is no steam leakage during operation. the tank body is made of 3mm304 stainless steel plate and the outer layer is 40mm insulation cotton to save energy. vapor or electric heating are equipped, convenient for users to choose, thermocouple automatic temperature control, outlet gas nozzle, adjust the amount of borax, liquid circulation pump, the material is anti-corrosion stainless steel.

2.6 super-audio drying device: the power is 30kw, the power is only 10kw, the power saving is more than 40%, and the tubular induction heating coil is 20cm long. the worker only needs to pass the steel wire through the 20cm hollow tube. the operation is simple, the maintenance cost is low, the wire after the boron coating does not need any bending, the direct low temperature input into the wire drawing machine, the efficiency is high, the super audio device is provided with an automatic temperature control device, and the artificial temperature can also be adjusted in a small amount, and the drawing is performed simultaneously. the plc program controller of the machine electrical control gauge is connected and runs synchronously with the wire drawing machine. the degree of automation is high, the maximum temperature can reach 150 °c, the wire drying effect is good, and the floor space is small.

2.7 pre-treatment 1 flushing water pressure: ≥0.2mp; water consumption 10m3/hour 2 compressed air: ≥0.6mp; gas consumption 20m3/hour supply side provides 3kw vortex air pump 1 set for blowing

recommended auxiliary equipment: acid mist treatment tower

in the pre-treatment and copper plating production line, there are electrolytic pickling, which will produce a lot of acid mist in the work. if it is not treated, it will be strong and irritating, harmful to the human body and affect the work of the workers. therefore, it is recommended to use this equipment. can be purchased in the country, or you can buy from us, the acid mist treatment tower of 5000 tons of wire needs usd75400

2, lz6/500 stright drawing line

2.1 features of the equipment: energy saving, low noise, simple structure, import of main electrical components, high speed and high efficiency.

2.2 equipment composition:

2.21 lz6/500 straight-through drawing unit

2.22 Ф800mm i-shaped wire take-up machine or elephant-like wire take-up machine

2.23 human machine interface control touch screen

2.24 complete electrical control cabinet

2.3 main technical parameters and key points:

(1) incoming line strength: ≦600 mpa

(2) maximum inlet diameter: Ф5.5mm

(3) minimum outlet diameter: Ф 2.35mm

(4) maximum compression ratio: 87%

(5) maximum drawing speed: 12m/s normal drawing speed: 9m/s ~~ 10m/s

(6) water consumption and pressure: 5m3/h water pressure ≥0.25mpa

(7) gas consumption and air pressure: 1.0m3/h air pressure ≥0.6mpa

(8) motor: 1 main machine: 30kw*1+22kw*5 ac variable frequency motor 2 wire take-up machine: 15kw ac variable frequency motor

(9) reel: 1 reel diameter: Ф500 mm, material: zg45 steel, surface-sprayed tungsten carbide alloy powder, thickness 1mm, height 80mm, reel as the core component directly in contact with steel wire, its manufacturing process also especially elegant. the overall beauty and rigidity of our company's reels are high; after roughing, it is quenched and tempered to improve the overall mechanical properties of the reel; the reel working surface is treated by surfacing and wear-resistant hard alloy, and then grinded by grinding machine. it is machined and has a spiral u-shaped groove on the inner surface of the drum. the cooling principle is through the relative rotational movement of the reel and the water jacket. the diagonal rib on the outside of the water jacket squeezes the cooling water to the top, and the spiral u-shaped groove inside the reel squeezes the cooling water that completes the heat exchange to make it fast. exhaust, the application of the spiral u-groove technology on the inner surface of the reel not only makes the cooling water produce the extrusion effect, but also increases the heat exchange area inside the reel. it has been proved that the application of this structure increases the heat exchange efficiency of the reel by 30%. the above, thereby greatly improving the cooling effect of the reel water; in addition, the inner wall of the reel can effectively prevent the deposition of scale on the inner wall of the reel, thereby further ensuring the water cooling effect and improving the service life of the reel. the surface roughness of the reel is rar≥0.4, the surface hardness is 58-62hrc, and the height of the reel line meets the high-speed drawing requirements of the steel wire. wear and groove free replacement within 5000 hours

(10) rotary mold box:

1 the mold rotates during drawing, the life of the mold is increased by 15%, and the lubricating powder on the surface of the steel wire is uniform and the drawing speed is increased by 10%.
2 the mold box can be adjusted up and down, left and right to ensure the angle of the wire when drawing the wire, so that high quality wire can be pulled out.

(11) tuning roller:

1 adopts pneumatic back tension tuning, the tension is adjustable; the guide wheel is sprayed with aluminum alloy ceramics, which not only ensures the hardness, but also shows the best wear resistance, and the light weight ensures no scratches. steel wire, the service life is guaranteed for more than two years. the sensor adopts the angular displacement non-contact method. the imported schneider sensor from france makes the molding process wide, and the mold automatically compensates after wear and is not easy to break.
2 adopt separate control mechanism to ensure that the swing of the tuning roller does not have any relationship with the direction of the wire feeding of the mold. the constant wire angle can be: (1) to ensure the extended service life of the mold is more than 20%; (2) to ensure the stable roundness of the wire drawing; ensure that the wire is pulled out in a stable linear

(12) rack form: the frame structure of the wire drawing machine is designed in the form of a solid welded box. the whole production process is strictly carried out according to the g-class standard of the cold plate structure, ensuring the flatness of the table top and the verticality of the façade. the rigidity is very well, no special foundation fixing is required; all the reels are installed just right, the working surface is not more than 0.25mm, and the adjustment roller tension arm is used between the two reels, with the sensor to adjust the matching speed of the adjacent two reels .

(13) drive form:

1 the first one of the first wire drawing reel adopts the hard tooth surface gear transmission reducer with high transmission efficiency and high transmission torque. the gear material is 20crmnti, the surface hardness is hrc62°, the surface finish is ra0.8, the reducer the bearings in the bearings are self-refrigerating and lubricated, and are designed with an oil shortage warning and automatic stop function. the configuration of the reducer allows the customer to pull the low-carbon steel wire with a slightly higher tensile strength, and the rest is a two-stage transmission with a strong v-shaped joint belt.
2 each head is equipped with a solenoid valve to control the high-efficiency pneumatic brake. the braking force can be adjusted to ensure the emergency stop of the wire drawing machine.

(14) cooling system:

1 the front panel of the machine is equipped with a ball valve for water flow regulation of reel cooling and mold cooling, and has a pointer to consider the water consumption.
2the whole cooling system ensures that the surface temperature of the reel is ≤60°c when the equipment is in normal production.

(15) pneumatic system:

1 pneumatic accessories: taiwan yadeke pneumatic components products
2 pneumatic system (including instruments, pipelines, solenoid valves, etc.) does not leak.

(16) wire drawing machine bearing: nsk bearing made in japan.

(17) control system: 1 configuration

a, frequency converter: using dayuan inverter produced in china

b. program controller: adopt mitsubishi plc series imported from japan

c, sensor: france imported schneider photoelectric sensor

d, relays and other low-voltage electrical: french imports schneider

e, touch screen: taiwan's color touch screen panelvisa

f, incoming line open, copper row, control power, wire, etc. select reasonable specifications

g, cabinet: standard cabinet produced by professional manufacturers.

2 working mode: the control system of stright wire drawing machine adopts ac frequency conversion speed control and drag, plc logic control, all realize digital control, adopt imported high-grade components, strong anti-interference ability, fast calculation, not only stable and reliable operation, but also low consumption, greatly improved production efficiency, and multiple protection functions. when the equipment is opened at high speed or other faults occur, the equipment automatically decelerates to stop. each machine has functions such as jog, front linkage, rear linkage, start, stop, and stop. the main operator panel has length preset display, speed preset display, fault query, device status display, computer model, etc. features.

electrical function:

1 basic functions are completed on the wire drawing machine; single machine punctuality, left linkage, right linkage, single reverse, left linkage (right linkage) operation, stop; tuning roller tension adjustment, mold box and reel cooling water volume adjustment.
2 operation console completed: total start, total stop, emergency stop, acceleration, deceleration, fault indication, meter reset
3 touch screen completion: mold (wire diameter) setting, speed setting, length setting (fixed length in-position automatic stop), skip mode setting, jog speed setting, fault content display, actual running speed display, lighting switch

(17) closing system:

no1, Ф800mm i-shaped wire take-up machine

1 the main drive adopts the v-shaped joint belt form;

2 with pneumatic brakes and pneumatic top device

3 motor: 15kw frequency conversion motor;

the 4-row line adopts the screw rod cable arranger, which is simple and practical for maintenance;

5 rough drawing production line adopts Ф800mm i-shaped wheel to take over

6 equipped with a mechanical locking device, no speed at all,

whether to power off, ensure that the wheel does not fly out and hurt people

no2, Ф560mm elephant nose type wire take-up machine

the speed is matched with the wire drawing machine, the surface of the take-up reel is sprayed with tungsten carbide wc, the diameter of the reel is 560mm, the single-disc of the wire is more than 500kg, the wire take-up machine is equipped with two take-up reels, two cars, the motor power: 15kw

the advantages and disadvantages of the two wire take-up machines:

the advantage of using the i-shaped wire take-up machine is that the wire on the spool is 100% when the wire is in the fine pull; the wire is cooled by the elephant-like wire take-up machine, the wire is broken during the fine drawing, and the wire quality is good. there is no need for a large number of mm800mm spools, and the user chooses one to use.

(18) security system:

1 the protective device is opened, the fixed length is not reset, the air pressure is insufficient, and the start function is not reset by the brake.

2 disconnected automatically stops, and guarantees no longer disconnected;

3 emergency rope switch can realize rapid stoppage conveniently and quickly;

4 set the emergency stop mushroom button on the main operation console, the receiving and paying machine, and the emergency stop time ≤ 5s;

(19) lighting system: the wire drawing machine is designed with led low voltage 24v lighting system, which can easily see the current situation of wire drawing in cloudy or evening. the lighting switch is set on the touch screen, which can be easily turned on or off at any time.

3.1 fine drawing production line equipment: lz8/400 straight-in drawing unit, spool wheel, rotary line

3.2 equipment composition:

1, Ф800mm i-shaped wheel take-up machine or rotary pay-off frame

2. lz8 /400 straight-through drawing unit (or lz7 /400)

3, the force riser device

4, degreasing machine: water circulation + mechanical wipe + spray + high pressure air blowing

5, Ф 630mm i-shaped wire take-up machine

6, operation desk (human machine interface control, touch screen display)

7, the main electric control cabinet (the whole set of electrical control cabinet)

3.3 main technical parameters and key points:

1. maximum incoming line strength: ≤1000mpa

2, the maximum incoming wire diameter: Ф 2.35mm

3. minimum outlet diameter: Ф0.8mm

4, the maximum compression rate: 88%

5, the highest drawing speed: 20m / s normal use: 15-18m / s

6. water consumption and pressure: 5m3/h water pressure ≥0.2mpa

7. gas consumption and air pressure: 1.0m3/h air pressure ≥0.6mpa

8, motor: wire drawing machine 11kw 50hz wire take-up machine 11kw 50hz ac variable frequency motor

9, reel

10, mold box

11, tuning roller:

12, cooling system

13, pneumatic system

the above performance is the same as the rough drawing lz6/560

(10) transmission form:

1using high-efficiency one- or two-stage strong narrow v-combined belt drive

2 each with a solenoid valve to control the efficient pneumatic brake that can adjust the braking force

(11) the wire drawing machine spindle adopts nsk bearings made in japan.

(12) intensity device:

1 inflator diameter: ≥ Ф 320mm
2 strength wheel material: the first aluminum alloy used in china, the surface of the working surface is sprayed with ceramics; its hardness is above hrc60, which makes it have good finish and wear resistance, not only protects the steel wire from injury, but also guarantees the service life of more than two years.

(13) water-eluting fat machine: mechanical wiping, multi-stage tapered hole, high-pressure spray rinsing, sewage outlet is set at the bottom of the circulation pool slope

(14) control system: reference rough drawing lz6/560

(15) discharge system:

no1, Ф800mm i-shaped wheel release frame

2 i-shaped wheel clamping: pneumatic top (topping, top retreat)

3 i-wheel support: double cone (without shaft) pneumatic control

4 brake method: pneumatic brake

5 speed control: mechanical damping release, configuration brake for emergency braking

6 safety device: with safety protection door

no2, rotary pay-off rack

the wire frame filled with steel wire is placed in the middle of the shelf, and the wire drawing machine provides power to pull out the steel wire. the frame has pneumatic damping and emergency braking, which ensures that the wire is always synchronized with the first end of the wire drawing machine.

(16) wire-receiving system (17) safety system (18) lighting system performance and rough drawing lz6/560

4 linear expansion type electroless copper plating production line technical parameters

serial number




number of lines

10 lines, equipment with 10 lines


design production speed

design 6m/s, normal 3~6m/s


supporting type wheel specifications

Φ630mm (outer diameter) × 475mm (outer width)


tractor roller diameter


4.2 description of equipment points:

(1) φ630mm pay-off machine: pneumatic top-loading type wheel, with pressure-loss protection, steel frame structure is stable and reliable, and the trolley plate is easy to load and unload under the i-shaped wheel. the gas shielded wire paying machine meets the release requirements of 6m/s speed.

(2) each line of gas shielded welding wire is equipped with an elevated adjustable mechanical damping and a constant tension paying guide frame. it can adaptively pull the wire take-up speed to achieve constant tension release.

(3) a total of 6 sets of receiving and unwinding roller supports prevent excessive long-span pay-off welding wire from drooping excessively.

(4) hot scrubbing tank: 3 meters long, steel structure tank. steel wool and hot water are mixed and wiped to clean the surface of the steel wire. with a pipeline pump, the air blows 1 set. steam heating, self-controlled heating temperature ≥ 80 ° c.

(5) electrolytic alkali washing tank: the two tanks are 22 meters long. it adopts rectified power supply 12v×1500a, 2 sets. the tank body is made of high quality steel sheet. the lye is heated by steam, and the single tank is equipped with two sets of heating tubes, and the heating is uniform. the single tank is equipped with a heat-resistant axial flow double pump to lift the lye and has high reliability. there is one set of air blowing device for alkali washing and one set of air blowing device for alkali washing and two tanks.

(6) hot water washing tank after alkali: 4 meters long, the tank body is made of high quality steel plate, the equipment is heated by steam, and the cleaning effect is good. 1 set of air blowing device and 1 set of water washing device. 1 set of axial flow pump.

(7) electrolytic pickling tank: 11 meters long. pp plastic tank, the tank body is made of high quality pp modified sheet. it adopts rectified power supply 12v×1000a, one set. it is equipped with an acid-resistant axial flow double pump with high reliability and 1 set of air blowing device.

(8) washing activation tank: 6 meters long (including activation 5 meters, water washing tank 1 meter). pp plastic tank, the tank body is made of high quality pp sheet. one set of acid-resistant axial flow pump, two sets of air blowing device (one set for activation and washing) and one set of water washing device.

(9) coating tank: 11 meters long, pp plastic tank, the tank body is made of high quality pp sheet. the stainless steel steam heat exchanger is installed in the lower tank to automatically control the bath temperature (rated process temperature is 20~30 °c). the lower tank has a volume of 4 m3. two sets of air blowing devices are provided, and an acid-resistant axial flow double pump is provided, which has high reliability.

(10) after washing, the neutralization and washing tank: 7 meters long, divided into: 1 water washing (2 meters) 2 medium and washing (3 meters) 3 times water washing (2 meters) three parts. pp plastic tank, the tank body is made of high quality pp modified sheet. one set of axial flow lifting pump is set in the neutralization washing section, two sets of air blowing devices are set (neutralizing one blowing, two water washing and blowing), and two sets of water washing device.

(11) hot water washing tank: 304 stainless steel plate is used for the tank body, and the outer steel plate is welded with heat insulating material. 4 meters long. set a set of heat-resistant axial flow pump, 3 sets of air blowing device, steam heating, self-controlled heating temperature 80 ~ 90 °c.

(12) drying machine: 10 meters long, using electric heating tube heating or steam heating, heat dissipation area 80m2, heat circulation wind, heat insulation layer, self-controlled heating temperature 110~120°c.

(13) one set (two sets) of the incoming and outgoing line guide frames, equipped with a wire-proof device. the outer diameter of the guide wheel is φ230mm.

(14) each line has one bogie device, the outer diameter of the guide wheel is φ230mm, and the guide wheel is made of nylon plastic coated guide wheel.

(15) tractor: gas shielded wire roller diameter φ300mm, cemented carbide spraying roller hrc ≥ 58, working surface polished and polished, roller used on both sides, service life package for two years, slotted within two years, free replacement . set the oil-cooled mold box with a horizontal tilt. oil lubrication, polycrystalline mold polishing. it is equipped with an anti-vibration pressure roller device with an overhead mc nylon guide wire guide wheel. the frequency conversion speed ac motor is dragged, the motor power is 5.5kw, and the pedal jog switch is set.

(16) i-shaped wheel take-up machine: pneumatic top-loading type wheel, set pressure-loss protection, steel frame structure is stable and reliable, the trolley plate is easy to load and unload under the type wheel, the cable is gp40 light bar, frequency conversion speed regulation, gas shielded wire take-up machine motor power 3kw, with air brake brake.

(17) other description of the tank part:

1. u-shaped ceramic cards and composite partitions are provided for each trough partition.

2. the alkali and acid tank anode and anode electrode plates are alternately set, and the electrolysis power source is separately set, which has strong cleaning ability and energy saving.

3. each tank is equipped with an overflow device, a drain plug and a drain valve when the liquid exceeds the maximum liquid level.

4. the main body of the plastic tank is welded by δ16mm high quality pp modified board.

5. all the plating lines use high-flow, low-lift axial flow pumps to raise alkali, acid, hot water, and recovered acid water.

6. ventilation system for plating line: the main exhaust pipe diameter is φ315mm, the ventilation is smooth and balanced, and the exhaust gas of the plated wire is cleaned and discharged after being treated by the acid mist treatment device.

4.4 equipment electrical system:

(1) the electroplating line produces electric control cabinets, and the work panels are all digitally displayed. it is equipped with the start and stop of each pump, vortex fan, electrolysis power supply, temperature display and control of alkaline washing, hot water washing and drying (the equipment adopts automatic temperature control system, temperature adjustable), and the display of current and voltage of electrolytic power supply.

(2) the receiving and discharging units are installed in a centralized cabinet, which is convenient for maintenance and overhaul. each line can work independently, and each line can also start and stop production simultaneously. the operation buttons are all set on the corresponding receiving and discharging machine. the production line has: disconnected parking, preset weight, digital display weight.

(1) main components, components and configurations of the equipment

serial number





frequency converter




japan mitsubishi


low voltage electrical appliance



ac motor

wuxi hengda motor co., ltd.


high frequency switching power supply




japan nsk bearing


whirlpool pump

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