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  • I-shaped wheel take-up machine

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    i-shaped wheel take-up machine
    the main drive of the low-speed large-disc heavy-receiving machine adopts the cycloidal pinwheel reducer and the chain transmission; the high-speed small-disc heavy-duty wire take-up machine adopts the v-belt direct drive; the inner side of the take-up reel uses the three-cylinder pneumatic tip. the small disc of the device adopts two cylinder tops, the spool is pneumatically clamped, and the outer side is designed with a mechanical locking device to prevent the machine from flying out when the power is cut off. the speed and tension control are generally controlled by the ac variable frequency motor. the plc program controller of the wire drawing machine adjusts and matches; the wire adopts the large torque screw wire arranging device, the maintenance is simple and practical, but the row spacing cannot be adjusted; if the light rod cable arranging device can be used, the row spacing can be adjusted anytime and anywhere; the wire splicing machine usually must according to the design of the i-shaped wheel provided by the customer, the weight of the wire is 30kg~1000kg; the protective door adopts the stylish sliding door.

    lz400 installation and use site

    lz wire drawing machine

    sg630 i-shaped wire take-up machine

    sg740 i-shaped wire take-up machine

    sg760 i-shaped wire take-up machine

    sg800 i-shaped wire take-up machine

    sg900 spool wheel take-up machine

    sg1000 spool wheel take-up machine

    sg1200 i-shaped wire take-up machine

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