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    the box body is welded by q235 plate, and the inner tank is welded with 314 stainless steel plate to prevent rust pollution of borax water, maintain the purity of borax, and maintain the effect of boron coating on steel wire. there is 40mm insulation cotton between the two layers. stainless steel electric heating tube 12kw, thermocouple controlled temperature, 1.5kw lifting pump is used for boring water circulation, which is equivalent to automatic mixing. the upper layer of the tank adopts multiple overflow modes, and the high pressure gas at the outlet is used to adjust the steel wire. the amount of borax on the surface. the length is 2500mm, the width is 500mm, the height is 1100mm, and the weight is 800kg.

    boron is placed between the sheller and the wire drawing machine during the drawing of the low carbon steel wire. it does not need to be dried and directly pulled to increase the drawing speed by 50%, the service life of the tungsten steel die is increased by 100%, and the low carbon of Ф5.5mm. the wire can be drawn to 0.6mm without annealing, and the speed is ≥30m/s, and the efficiency is obvious.

    boron is placed between the sheller and the wire drawing machine when the high carbon steel wire is drawn. it needs to be drawn after drying to ensure normal drawing and drawing.

    boron coated

    boron coated

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