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        xgs6 steel brush descaling machine is an environment-friendly machine that removes more than 95% of the oxide layer on the surface of the wire. according to different raw materials, different oxide layers, different customer requirements, 4 steel brushes, 6 steel brushes, 8 pieces. steel brush, 10 steel brushes..., two steel brushes are a group, each group of steel brushes is at an angle of 120°, the steel brush presses the surface of the wire, and the pressing force generates the pressing force by the weight of the adjusting block itself, and the adjustment is fast. there are three, users can choose to use according to the actual situation.
        the steel brush wheel can be selected according to different wires, and the oxide layer is removed without scratching the wire. the wire diameter of the wire brush is between Ø0.3mm-Ø2mm, and the hardness of the wire is between hrc20°-hrc55°. if the straightener is passed before entering the steel brush peeler, the effect is obvious.
        the most serious defect is that the wire surface is difficult to draw after brushing, the wire carries less lubricating powder, and the mold consumption increases sharply, so it is usually used in combination with the sand paper polishing machine, so that the rust layer can be removed 100%, and the wire can be removed. the surface is formed with thread-like indentations which fill the lubricating powder into the mold and the drawing effect is comparable to boron or phosphating.


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