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  • Elephant trunk wire take-up machine - low carbon steel wire

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    The nose-like wire-receiving machine adopts a disc to rotate the wire, and all the parts on the disk are assembled by high-speed dynamic balancing, and the high-speed rotation does not shake. The diameter of the reel is according to the user's needs, and is equipped with a two-way straightener. The material of the straightening roller is ten times longer than the general bearing, and the highest single disc weight is 1000kg. It has the function of not stopping the wire. Rack form: The frame mechanism is in the form of a sturdy welded box. The whole process is strictly in accordance with the G-class standard of the cold plate structure. The rigidity of the machine is very good. It is suitable for high-speed wire reeling. The reels are installed just right, and the working surface does not jump. More than 0.25mm. Reel part: The working surface of the take-up reel is sprayed with tungsten carbide alloy powder, the thickness is 1mm, the height is 40mm, and the reel is the core component that is in direct contact with the steel wire, and the manufacturing process is also particularly elegant. The overall beauty and rigidity of our reel are high. After rough processing, it is quenched and tempered to improve the overall mechanical performance of the reel. The reel working surface is treated by surfacing and hard alloy, and then grinded by grinding machine. Processed. The surface roughness of the reel is Ra≥1.6, the surface hardness is 58~62HRC, and the height of the reel line meets the high-speed drawing requirements of the steel wire. Wear and groove free replacement within 5000 hours. The use of the elephant-like take-up machine can be used without stopping, thus ensuring low-cost, high-efficiency and high-quality production of various steel wires!

    The trunk-type cooling method is divided into self-cooling and water-cooling. There are two types of wire-receiving methods: ordinary and plum-shaped. Usually low-carbon steel wire adopts self-cooling ordinary type take-up line, speed ≤30M/S, high carbon steel wire and spring steel wire should be cooled by plum water, and the winding speed is ≤12M/S

    According to different needs, the trunk can be the same diameter as the drawing reel, or it can be different in diameter. The diameter of the wire loop is mainly based on customer needs! The weight of the wire can also be selected from 15Kg~1000Kg according to the customer's needs, so the elephant nose is the best way to pull the wire.

    1000Kg trunk-like wire take-up machine

    Large plate heavy elephant nose machine

    Bright wire elephant nose collecting machine

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    Plum-shaped trunk-like wire take-up machine

    Plum-shaped trunk-like wire take-up machine

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