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    máquina serva de trefilado recto

    no1, wire drawing machine use: for the production of high carbon steel wire (steel cord, bead wire, spring wire, wire rope, etc.), stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire (welding wire, galvanized steel wire, packing wire, nail making wire) , copper (alloy) wire, aluminum (alloy) wire
    no2, wire drawing machine features: no reducer, no v-belt, no variable frequency motor; no electricity cabinet
    working characteristics: 15% power saving, no accessories, silent operation at any speed ≤ 50db
    no3, transportation and installation: designed into triple or quadruple or five-group according to need, it is convenient for transportation. only the aviation plug and quick plug can be connected to realize the whole unit connection of water, electricity and gas. the machine can be produced only by the expansion bolts fixed on the ground; the two machines are installed back to back seamlessly, saving 50% of the site, and the installation of each wire drawing machine is completed within 4 hours.
    no4, transmission lubrication: wire drawing machine servo motor self-lubricating, 15 years no oil
    no5, matching: any mode, no need to adjust the electronic control parameters, free jump mode pull
    no6, production: high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire can be produced freely on the same machine
    no7, cooling: the outer edge of the reel covers (servo motor) water tray, no dust and garbage enters the pipeline, cooling system
    open, narrow slit water cooling, no fouling, no clogging, maintenance free
    no8, speed: speed adjustment, stepless speed change, heavy load low speed, light load high speed, 0~300hz free
    frequency operation efficiency is maintained above 95%
    no9, servo motor: from china high speed rail group, with more than 10 years of operation of servo motor operation
    inspection, ensure that each motor is rigorously tested by the national laboratory, and has a certificate of conformity and test data. the motor is water-cooled (the supplier provides the circulating water tank and condensing equipment at random) and the water temperature online detection and alarm system.
    no10, the price: compared with the ordinary wire drawing machine, the price is 30% higher, and the saved electricity cost is recovered in two years.

    lz300 servo direct connection wire drawing machine

    lz400 servo direct connection wire drawing machine

    lz400 servo direct connection drawing machine installation site

    servo straight wire drawing

    servo straight wire drawing machine

    servo motor

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