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Introduction to the structure of the wire drawing machine

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:4004Time:2019-02-26

Last time I introduced three devices in the wire drawing machine for my friends. Today I want to introduce you to the other five important devices. The five devices are: a change device, an oil mist lubrication device, a pneumatic device, a head brake device, and a spray device. Let's take a look at the specific content below.

First of all, let's take a look at what is a changer. In fact, the device mainly consists of two parts, namely the combined drive of the cylinder motor and the cylinder. Its main role is to provide a suitable take-up position. The motor drives the reduction gear and the chain to drive the rotor of the turret, and then the rotating frame drives the cylinder to ensure the normal operation of the drawing operation.

The second device to be introduced for you is called oil mist lubrication device. The oil mist is actually the oil particles suspended in the high-speed air jet airflow. The main function of the device is to provide sufficient lubrication care for the wire drawing machine equipment to keep it in good working condition. The third device is called a pneumatic device, which is mainly composed of

Air pressure switch, solenoid valve, air pressure regulating valve, actuator cylinder and pneumatic pipe fittings.

The fourth device is called a head brake. Since the wire drawing machine needs to be stopped in time after the wire drawing operation is completed, the brake device is required. This brake device has a large braking torque and is reliable in operation. The utility model can input the DC current after the step-down rectification to the stator winding of the motor, thereby generating an electromagnetic torque opposite to the rotation direction, thereby realizing electromagnetic energy braking.

The last thing to introduce to you is the spray device. Usually, the spray device in the wire drawing machine mainly includes the wire spray and the head spray. The former is to complete the cleaning process of the wire, while the latter is to prevent the wool from falling on the wound wire.