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Advantages of modern wire drawing machines

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:4435Time:2019-02-26

As you should know, in order to ensure the quality and effect of drawing, we need to pre-treat the wire that needs to be drawn. In the process of pretreatment, it mainly includes two parts, namely surface pretreatment and heat treatment. Only the pre-treated wire can be used to ensure a better drawing effect during the drawing process using the wire drawing machine.

As for the main contents of surface pretreatment, including: 1. If the surface of the wire contains a lot of oil or a lot of impurities, then it should be cleaned and dried before being pulled; 2. If the surface of the wire contains more The scale of the oxide, then need to be pickled, dried and then pulled; 3, if there are problems such as peeling, pits, heavy skin on the surface of the wire, then you need to use a sander for grinding, and then It can be drawn using a wire drawing machine.

After the pretreatment of the surface is completed, then heat treatment is also required. If we find that the hardness of the wire is relatively large, or the hardness is not uniform, it is often necessary to first reduce the hardness of the wire by annealing or tempering, so that the wire can reach a relatively uniform hardness before the drawing can be performed. Conventional wire drawing machines have many drawbacks when heat treatment is performed.

Usually, in the heat treatment, the conventional heating methods used in the prior processing mainly include two types, namely, combustion heating and electric heating. In the actual heating process, these two methods have many disadvantages, such as easy to produce open flame, high temperature, exhaust gas and other pollution, and the safety is not reliable enough. In addition, there are disadvantages such as high consumption, low efficiency, and uneven heating. Not only that, when the wire drawing machine is pulled, if the temperature of the wire surface is not uniform, it will affect the quality of the product.

After the improvement, the modern wire drawing machine equipment has made great progress in all aspects, especially in the heat treatment, there has been a significant improvement. For example, after the improvement, the wire drawing machine equipment can save at least 60% of electricity under the same conditions.