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Three problems should be paid attention to in the use of wire drawing machine equipment molds

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:4338Time:2019-02-26

In the work of wire drawing machine equipment, its mold is a very important part. As a user, we need to pay more attention to its use and proper maintenance and maintenance. In fact, we often encounter three problems in the daily use of wire drawing machine equipment molds. These three problems are something we must pay attention to. Let's take a look at the specific content.

The first question that should be concerned is whether the choice of working cone angle is reasonable. If the angle we choose is unreasonable, then when the wire drawing device pulls the wire, its working cone angle will be negative or too small, which will bring certain negative effects. If the tensile stress is too large, the problem of axial elongation is likely to occur in the sizing area, resulting in a series of problems such as diameter reduction and ellipse and poor lubrication, which ultimately affects the production effect of the equipment.

The second issue that needs attention is whether there is a break in the center or a herringbone crack. Many people think that this problem is caused by the problem of the material of the mold. It was only at the end that the root of the problem was that the drawing process was not properly arranged. In the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, if the tensile stress used exceeds the strength it can withstand, it will cause cracks.

The third issue that needs attention is its residual stress and surface work hardening. In fact, this situation is mainly caused by residual work. Under the action of residual work, the problem of material hardening will be more serious. If the situation is serious, it may even cause cracking and peeling of the surface of the wire. Therefore, if the process selection is not appropriate, it will eventually lead to a decline in the quality of the drawing machine equipment.

Therefore, for the user friend, we must pay attention to these three aspects in the process of production, to avoid these problems as much as possible, so as to ensure the quality of the drawing machine equipment.