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How to realize the industrial energy saving of inverted wire drawing machine?

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:4186Time:2019-02-26

The inverted wire drawing machine is subject to many uncertain factors during the operation, especially the pulling die used is prone to wear. In this way, it will interfere with the running state of the device, and it may also cause the load force to increase, which means that its energy consumption will increase. In addition, it may also have a negative impact on product quality.

It should be understood that if the load force of the inverted wire drawing machine device is increased, then the reverse pulling force it receives will also increase. As a result, it will seriously affect the operating state of the equipment, such as the problem of wire breakage. If it is serious, it will even cause serious waste and reduce the yield and pass rate of the product. So, how can we adjust to achieve the goal?

In response to this problem, we believe that in the actual operation, we should take some effective measures to ensure the stability of the inverted wire drawing machine equipment. For example, we can detect the voltage and current signals generated by its operation by detecting the control system, so that we can also know the amount of change in its load. Then we can make the appropriate adjustments based on changes in its load.

In other words, we can adjust the operating parameters of the inverted wire drawing machine according to the data obtained, and keep the tensile force it receives as stable as possible. In this way, not only can the output of the equipment be ensured, but also the efficiency of the operation can be greatly improved, which means that it has a certain energy saving effect.

In addition, we can also consider the use of frequency converters for regulation, in this way, the system control accuracy of the inverted wire drawing machine equipment can be greatly improved to meet the technical needs. After being put into use, not only can the quality of the product be guaranteed, but also a lot of power can be saved.