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How to achieve the heat balance of the wire drawing machine?

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:4158Time:2019-02-26

When wire drawing equipment is used for wire drawing production, one of the factors is important, which may affect the final quality of the wire. This factor is temperature. Moreover, in general, in order to ensure the quality of the drawing machine, we will need to have certain requirements for its heat balance. So how do you guarantee the overall heat balance?

For this problem, if we want to solve it well, we need to consider it in three different ways. Specifically, if you want to properly grasp the heat balance of the wire drawing machine equipment, then we can take measures such as: heat insulation source, constant temperature control and cooling treatment. For the sake of understanding, we will discuss these three aspects below.

As for the first measure, the so-called heat-insulating source actually means that when the wire drawing machine is working, pay attention to protecting its different systems. For example, the electric control box, the static and dynamic pressure spindle hydraulic station, and the female screw support cylinder hydraulic pressure should be Stations and the like are independently arranged outside the mainframe to reduce the potential impact, so as to better maintain the thermal balance of the whole machine.

The second method is called thermostatic control, which is an ideal way to provide a thermostatic control box for different parts of the wire drawing machine so that it can work close to constant temperature.

The last measure is cooling. This link has an important impact on the quality of the wire. We recommend that when using the wire drawing machine, if you want to achieve the thermal balance of the whole machine, it is best to use shower cooling, so that the temperature can be better evenly.

The above three different methods can be said that, to some extent, the heat balance of the wire drawing machine device can be improved, so that the wire drawing machine device is basically in a state of temperature equilibrium, in such a state, It will be able to achieve a more ideal working effect, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the drawing work.