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Knowledge of handling, placement and assembly of wire drawing machines

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:3978Time:2019-02-26

For the user, when using a device, whether it is handling or placing, or installation, etc., a series of related problems need to be carried out according to certain standards. For example, the wire drawing machine is also a heavy-duty device. Therefore, in the process of daily use, it is also necessary to pay attention to various problems. Let's take a look at it today.

First of all, in the process of handling, we must pay attention to some problems. When a new wire drawing machine arrives, we will carry it to the workplace after inspection and then ensure that the equipment is safe. When transporting, it is best to use some lifting vehicles such as driving, car cranes, forklifts, etc. It should be noted that it is necessary to ensure that after fixing, you can move slowly. In the process of advancement, you should also pay attention to It can be worn or bumped.

Second, we also need to pay attention to the problem of placement. The placement of the wire drawing machine is also very particular. Generally, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry environment to reduce the negative impact caused by environmental disadvantages. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain a certain safety distance with other equipment, and should take certain measures to reduce the impact of dust on the equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid the presence of dangerous substances such as corrosive gases and chemical deposits around.

Finally, you need to pay attention to the assembly problem. It is best to do this work by a professional or to install it under the guidance of experienced personnel. Note that the spacing between the wire drawing machine and the feed tray should be controlled. Moreover, in the later period of use, if any abnormal problems are found, it is necessary to promptly ask the professional for repair.

The above is about the handling, placement and installation when using the wire drawing machine equipment. As the staff needs to pay attention to these problems, although it seems cumbersome, a slight oversight will adversely affect the equipment. .