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Why is the main machine of the wire drawing machine not starting and disconnecting frequently?

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:3977Time:2019-02-26

When the user operates the wire drawing machine, there are often some troubles. The more common problems are that the host of the device cannot be started and the wire breakage frequently occurs. So, after encountering such a problem, how can we solve it quickly so that the drawing machine equipment can return to normal working condition? Let's take a look at the specific content below and hope to help.

First of all, let's analyze why the wire drawing machine equipment has failed to start. In fact, there are many factors in this situation. The first reason is that the control power switch of the device is not turned ON. At this time, we should turn the control power switch to ON.

The second reason may be due to the problem of disconnection shutdown during the last production process, or the failure to reset in time after the shutdown, then the reset can be solved at this time.

The third reason may be that the emergency stop button of the wire drawing device has not been turned off, and the button should be turned off at this time. The fourth reason is that the inverter cannot be turned on due to tripping. At this time, you can refer to the information displayed on the inverter display board, then turn off the main power supply, wait 30 seconds and then restart.

Another problem that is a headache is the frequent disconnection during the operation of the wire drawing machine. This will cause a lot of waste for us, so we must solve this problem in time. The reason for this problem is that there are many aspects. For example, it may be because the eye mold used is not properly configured, and the eye mold should be reconfigured.

In addition, it may be because the wire drawing machine equipment is running too fast, which causes the wire to break; or the quality of the wire itself is problematic, the wire should be replaced; or the lubricating fluid used is deteriorated, New and so on.