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Reasons for unqualified surface quality of wire drawing products

Where it's from: YifaResponsible editor:adminReading:3919Time:2019-02-26

During the drawing process of the wire drawing machine, the surface of the drawn wire sometimes has a problem of failure. In practice, we need to choose countermeasures according to the specific situation to reduce losses. There are several different phenomena in the unqualified surface of the product. Here we will introduce two of the more common situations, which are described below.

The first problem is that there are problems such as scratches, bumps and scratches on the surface of the wire drawn by the wire drawing machine. There are seven main reasons for this: there are jumper problems on the tower wheel; there is a groove die on the tower wheel; the wire is rubbed off the edge of the disk when the wire is taken up; a certain part of the equipment will cause damage to the wire; There were bruises between the plates; the ground was uneven and the line was too full.

In view of the above-mentioned problems, the suggestions we give are as follows: 1. Temporarily trim the surface of the tower wheel of the wire drawing machine and correct the angle; 2. Remove the tower wheel for repair; 3. Adjust the width of the cable. Flat wire tray side; 4, timely repair and adjust the part; 5, the coil should be placed in a "T" shape; 6, repair the floor; 7, work should maintain a serious and responsible attitude, to prevent the line full.

The second problem is that during the process of drawing the wire using the wire drawing machine, it is found that there are problems such as pits, peeling, triangle mouth and burrs on the surface of the product. There are five reasons for this kind of problem, namely: the rod has flash, inclusions, shrinkage holes and other issues; 2, poor pickling quality; 3, the hole is not smooth, there is a certain deformation; 4, the lubrication is unreasonable ; 5, the tower wheel is not smooth and so on.

In response to this problem, we should take the following measures: First, we must strengthen the inspection of materials, unqualified raw materials must not enter the drawing process; secondly, ensure the operation process of the wire drawing machine equipment; third, pay attention to the performance and quality of the mold used for maintenance; Fourth, attention should be paid to lubrication and nursing; fifthly, the surface of the tower wheel should be polished in time to adjust the mold.